Nikki Grahame

Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 678

June 13, 2009

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column in OK!

Big Brother 10 begins and so does Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! magazine. Watch out for Nikki's column on the run down of whats going on in the house. As Nikki, well she just tells it like it is.

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It's Big Brother 10 and I will give channel 4 ten out of ten for finding the best looking bunch of housemates ever. They have found a great mix too - with straight, gay and lesbian housemates and loads who swing both ways. It's like a great big sex tombola trying to work out who will end up with who. Just so long as they leave handsome Kris for me! Poor Noirin had to sacrifice her eyebrows on the first task - but who wouldn't to get their first shot at fame? First impressions are often wrong, but Karley looks desperate for fame to me, while the house sweetheart is little Sophia. Or is She? She might look like butter wouldn't melt - but I reckon she could turn into little Miss Dynomite if she doesn't get her way. Happy Anniversary Big Brother. Now let the fireworks begin.

Nikki's first impressions
Karley: A desparate, plastic, pretentious wannabe.
Benaizir: I like her, she looks like she could be a real laugh to watch.
Sophia: She is a sweetie but could she be too sweet to be true?
Scree Apart from his clothes, I like him, I think he will bamboozle the other housemates becuase he is not like anyone else.
Angel: I love Angel, And she will not take any nonsense from the plastics.
Siavash: He is so cool, I love his crazy style.
Freddie I like him - and I think he will get better as he loosens up.
Lisa A bit of an aggro-merchant I reckon. Will she be top dog?
Cairon A slow burner. Let the others calm down and we will see how he is.
Saffia She has bagged my Kris, Grrr.

Nikki goes on to say who is hot and not and there is a lot more in the column. So check out Nikki's Big Brother Column each week in OK! magazine.

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