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Nikki in OK! Magazine this week - Issue 679

June 17, 2009
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Hotstar's Column

This week Nikki talk's about Madonna's adoption, Big Brother, Rachel Steven's Ordeal and What she has been up to in her Diary.

Last week I was guest editing Channel 4's Big Brother Website! I also went to see the new Blue-ray version of Ghostbusters at The Soho Hotel.

I have acute Osteoporosis and last week I went to the Grosvenor House's Art & Antiques Fair in aid of the National Osteoporosis Society. It's a charity that's close to my heart and I'm honoured to support it. This week I'm going to be on Talksport to talk about my book and I'll be in Cardiff so all come down on Saturday 20 June!

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So Madonna has finally got her own way and been allowed to adopt little girl Mercy from Malawi. Mercy will have a great quality of life and never want for anything financially, but the singer is taking her away from her family. I just hope Madonna is able to arrange her life so she can spend proper time with four children, despite being so busy as she travels the world with her work.

I was horrified to read Rachel Stevens was mugged on her doorstep and hope she is OK. It must have been terrifying for her, especially as they took jewellery including her engagement ring. Things like that can be replaced but it's not the same when they have sentimental value. I really hope they catch whoever is responsible and that Rachel gets over it in time to enjoy her wedding in a few months.

I am really loving Big Brother and think they've got an amazing bunch together. My favourite so far is Roderigo - he's like a ray of sunshine! I felt sorry for Karly at first as she seemed to be misread as a bitch when she's quite sweet. Sophie reminds me of Grace from my year in the house in looks, and is trying to get all the attention from the boys, which is annoying.

Jordan has been out partying again, and I think she's just trying to spend time with friends. As long as she's not neglecting her children, she has a right to have a good time. She might act like she doesn't care about her divorce, but it must be hurting deep down. Partying may be her way of coping with a difficult situation and there's no reason why she can't do that and still be a good mum and family woman.

ShineFinish Gloss-On from Wella. It's available at Hob Saloons and is used after you have highlights to make your hair lovely and glossy -its fab!

In other sections of the magazine

Reality Star Plans Centre for Anorexics
Caring Big Brother Babe Nikki Grahame wants to open a centre for people people with eating disorders with the proceeds of her life story Dying to be Thin. I would love to open my own drop-in centre with people with eating disorder's say's the star who nearly died from Anorexia. It would offer help from people who empathise.

Nikki's Big Night
BB star launches autobiography, with party pics of Nikki and others celebrities such as Natalie Cassidy, David Van Day and others. See more in the magazine.

And of cause there is Nikki's Big Brother Column.

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_120_nikki_grahame_fragile_bookcover.jpgThe true story of my life long battle with Anorexia.
Release date: 7th May 2012.
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