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Nikki Grahame's Hotstars column in OK! magazine- issue 681

July 1, 2009
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This week Nikki talks about Jordan returning to the UK, Chris Brown's punishment and SJP's two new arrivals.

This week, I'd like to say happy birthday to my mum, Sue, as well as thanks so much for everything over the last few weeks, She's come with me on jobs and I'm lucky to have a mum like her. My sister Natalie and I are taking her to Stoke Park spa to celebrate! I'm hoping to spend some more time with my dad, Dave, this week, too. I might take him for an Indian as a belated Father's Day celebration.

The Noisettes' new song, Never Forget You. I heard them perform it at the Isle of Wight Festival and it's a great, happy song to jump around with your friends to!

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Jordan is back in the UK and I hope she's ready to settle down and get back to normal. I think all her rowdy behavior in Ibiza was a distraction so she wouldn't think about Peter Andre as she must still love him. But hanging out with her ex, Matt Peacock, must've been real a real kick in the teeth for Pete. He's trying to be a good dad to their three kids but it must be hard.

After pleading guilty to assault, I think Chris Brown has got off lightly. He has to stay away from Rhianna and will do community service so I hope he has to do something really bad like sweeping the streets in front of everyone as he's managed to escape prison. His career is over, no one in their right mind will buy his music again. I think he should get a normal job now, like telesales.

Marcus is the biggest pervert ever - he is so disgusting and looks like a walrus! I'm still liking Roderigo but he never gets enough air time. I'm really fed up of Charlie now, though - he plays on his looks but contributes nothing and is getting really dull. And what's going on with Angel snogging everyone? She was a rock star back in Russia so maybe it's her wild side coming out!

I'm really happy for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick after a surrogate gave birth to their twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, are lovely. I think it will probably be hard for the girls growing up after their unconventional birth but hopefully they'll come to understand. Sarah and Matthew may have had their problems in the past but if they can get through the next few years they'll have proved they can do anything together.

Eleswhere in the magazine party pics: -
BLU YOU GONNA CALL, Ghostbuster's 25th Birthday Blu-Ray Launch. Picture of Nikki hugging the Mashmellow man.

No Big Brother Column this week due to a Michael Jackson Tribute in OK! magazine.

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