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Nikki Grahame Hot Stars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 682

July 8, 2009
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This week Nikki talks about Big Brother Housemates, Michael Jackson and Jordan and Peter;s difficult split...

Last week I went to Manchester to film a celebrity special of the Jeremy Kyle show. I was talking about my book Dying To Be Thin and how my life has changed since Big Brother. Last weekend I played in the celebrity six soccer match at the Hop Farm Festival, which was great! I'm also working on my anorexia drop-in centre - there's a chance a documentary could be made about it!

Marcus is continuing to make my skin crawl! I don't know how Noirin can stand him being all over her all the time. Kris and Sophie have gone off the boil and it could be because she seems to have no personality! I think Karly's much more of a catch, at least she's an animated character. I'm beginning to tolerate Lisa now and I think her hair looks much better shaved.

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I still haven't got over the shock of Michael Jackson's death. I was a massive fan of his music and it was always my dream to meet him. It's such a waste of talent and he was only 50, I'm devastated. What's upsetting me even more is that when he was alive, people treated him like dirt and now he's dead everyone loves him all of a sudden. They should have been nicer to him when he was around.

Pregnant Coleen Rooney is looking absolutely glowing! She is naturally curvy and seems to carry off the look well. She's been having a relaxing time recently, holidaying in Barbados and the South of France and that's how it should be. She needs to make the most of this time, eating whatever she wants and letting Wayne do all the running around as she'll soon have her hands full.

Jordan and Peter Andre don't seem to be able to get along even when handing over the children, which is really sad. Perhaps they are being so hostile towards each other because there's a lot money at stake in their split. I think it must be hard on the kids to understand what's going on. Maybe when they have some kind of routine in place it might become a bit easier for them all.

The Third Space in London. The health and fitness club specialises in holistic medicine and I had acupuncture there recently. It's done wonders for the tendonitis in my foot! Check it out at

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