Nikki Grahame

Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - issue 685

July 30, 2009


Is it any wonder that every other housmate seems to fall in love with gorgeous Noirin? First Sree, then Angel, Marcus and Tom. She's so magnetic and lovely. The latest is awful Siavash who has a lady on the outside. She's far too good for you, beardy weirdy!
This week in Nikki's Big Brother Column she is not so keen on the new housemates.

"How much is Bea getting on my nerves?! When she went on that date as Aphrodite I think she actually believed she was a goddess. Can she get any more patronising?

Some hippy she turned out to be, she demanded not to be given anyone fat to date and then she forgot to even ask him what his name was. Peace and love, man! I hope little Freddie stays well clear of her. I can't abide her, she is so aggravating. She says she'd have sex on TV for an eduacational video - it would put people off for life!"

"Hira isn't much better, what a shiney horse! Her voice goes right through me and pierces my brain. She's incredibly spoilt and highly irritating. The only newbie I like is David. I thought he was too loud and pushy at first but now he's bedded in, he seems sweet. He needs to keep away from lemon-lipped lesbian Lisa, though, if he doesn't want to become a target for Marcus and his cronies.

Charlie and Rodrigo Finally get it on!
Charlie and Rodrigo are so cute together, I really hope they get it on I want to be the flower girl at Big Brothers first gay wedding. It's clear that Rodrigo has had the hots for Charlie for ages. But after some late night passion with the feisty Brazillian, the Geordie charmer was jumping around the bed like the cat who got the cream the next day. Go for it boys!

I'm glad Tom walked out. I met him a while ago when we were both on holiday in Egypt. He is such a loser. He was showing off his biceps in the pool all day, flexing them all over the place - it was disgusting! He looks like the Michelin Man. He even took the mick out of me for doing Big Brother. He's like a big inflatable wannabe!

Karlie Kills Kenny's Relationship
"Just wait till I see him," Threatened Karly after Kenny's abominable antics on Big Brother last week - although I bet she wasn't expecting to see him so soon....

Who is Hot

Charlie: "I love this chirpy and cheeky chappy now."
Dogface: "What a sweetie and so loyal to pal Karly."
Marcus: "He is the house wise man. I loved that he whipped Tom's ass!"

Who is Not

Lisa: "Always complaining! It's time to get rid of moaner Lisa."
Siavash: "You are a very dull man trying to be interesting. Get Knotted!!"
Bea: "Oh B-off, you aggravating wannabe. She's worse then Aisleyne!"

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