Nikki Grahame

Nikki's Big Brother Column in OK! Magazine - issue 686

August 6, 2009

Nikki Grahame - Big Brother Column in OK!- issue 682

It's been another crazy week in Big Brother and all the alliances inside the house are changing and shifting, Marcus and Lisa, those two old house enemies, even seem to be getting closer to one another and I swear I even saw the baldy Brummie smile on three occasions this week!

Dogface Sophie has been a bit muzzled since mouthy muscleman Tom left her wondering if Kris is being faithful to her on the outside. Now the word is that Rodrigo has got the hots for dopey David - but I hope he's only saying it to make Charlie jealous. I think David's got a voice like a camp foghorn. Is something lost in translation? Does his Vera Duckworth drawl sounds sexy if you've got Brazillian ears?

Marcus hit the nail on the head when he told Noirin if men don't like her, it drives her mad. But I'm still really sad she had to leave the Big Brother house. Everybody seems to fall in love with her eventually - and she's so pretty and fun I think I probably would too, she's the most stunning girl they've ever had in there. I certainly wouldn't have her hanging around me if I was out with a boyfriend, though.

She's probably the most hated woman in Britain right now, for messing with siavash's head. It's going to be hard for her at first, readjusting to life in the outside world, even though she'll have herpretend, imaginary boyfriend Isaac for company after he walked out.

Meanwhile everyone forgets that it's poor little Siavash who has the girlfriend outside the house. That piratey little creep is the one who did the dirty, not Noirin. And now he's learned first hand just how it feels to be humiliated by someone he loves!

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pinky and the brainBEA OFF WITH YOU
I can't stand Bea! SWhe's the pund shop shop version of Noirin, reeling Freddie, Siavash and Marcus in - then bitching about them behind their backs. She's playing with fire messing with the posh boy's head, though. The viewers will hate her if she breaks Halwits heart!

I thought it was hilarious that the housemates have nicknamed moaner Lisa and dopey david "Pinky and The Brain". Lisa does seem happier now she's got someone to grumble with though. While David reckons sometimes he is Viviene Westwood. She'd be turning in her grave, if she was dead!

I'm so glad Isaac walked. Who the hell was he anyway? He was completely fake and he didn't even sound American. The only good thing about him was that he delivered a boot up the jacksy to smug Siavash and put big mouth Bea back in her box. I'm glad he's not in the house any more, but it was so obvious he was just chasing after Noirin by leaving. How lame!


Who is Hot
Rodrigo: "He was so brave confronting Noirin!"

Marcus: I'm warming to this grisley old wolf! He's so sweet at heart.

Lisa: "She's been much less moany lately. I love this happy lesbian lady!"

Who is Not!
David: "Get your hands off Rodrigo, he belongs to Charlie.

Bea: "You're such a wannabe and a try-hard! And what a Bea-yatch!"

Isaac: "He thought he was the house stud but even Marcus is hotter!"

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