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Nikki in Closer Magazine this week

August 14, 2009

Nikki Grahame talks to Closer MagazineThis week a two page article on Nikki talking about anorexia and eating disorders, her friendship with Natalie Cassidy, and also about her teaming up with Natalie in body gossip.

Nikki Grahame in Closer MagazineNikki tells Closer, "Natalie's been through such a gard time over her weight. I've suffered from eating disorders my whole life. It means we really understand each other becuse it's a major issue to have in common, we can confide in each other"...

The pair have also been working together in a play called body gossip, which they are now taking to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. the cast - Nikki, Natalie, Anne Diamond and Corrie's Shobna Gulati - act out stories written by real people about their own body image...

For information and tickets visit

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_120_nikki_grahame_fragile_bookcover.jpgThe true story of my life long battle with Anorexia.
Release date: 7th May 2012.
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