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Nikki Grahame in Body Gossip - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

August 20, 2009
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Nikki Grahame performed in Body Gossip at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Held at the Assembly Hall on 17th August 2009. In the the cast were Nikki Grahame, Natalie Cassidy, Anne Diamond, Shobna Gulati, Mike McShane and Lizzie Roper.

Body Gossip is a charity, raising money for BEAT the eating disorders association. It is a theatre event performed by celebrities who donate their time and talent to raise awareness of eating disorders. And to challenge the media perception of the ideal body, exposing the painful truth behind striving to conform to unattainable "perfection". Encouraging people to accept their own healthy natural bodies.

Body Gossip starts with a competition and invites real people to send in their own stories and experiences about their bodies. The best stories were cleverly arranged into a play by talented writer Lisa Parry, and played out by the celebrities on stage.

At the end of the performance the actors were joined on stage by Body Gossip creator Ruth Rodgers, and 3 of the competition winners to answer questions. The cast all fielded questions on their own eating disorders and answered openly and honestly, with Nikki answering questions on her own battle with anorexia. It was a very memorable night for a worthy cause.

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Fragile by Nikki Grahame

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