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Nikki Grahame on Jeremy Kyle Show

September 9, 2009
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Nikki was one of three people interviewed for a special edition of the Jeremy Kyle Show; the others being Sophie Anderton and Alicia Douvall.

Nikki was the last one on the show and gave a good interview speaking fluently and honestly about her illness and Jeremy was sympathetic and very supportive. He talked to her about her appearance on Big Brother and asked Nikki if going on the show was a way that she had chosen to re-invent herself after her long childhood in institutions. Nikki agreed it was; that she wanted to be accepted; that she had nothing to lose by doing the show and she thought that she could do it as she was, as she put it, used to living behind closed doors with people she didn't know, many of whom were nuts!

Jeremy then referred to Nikki's National Television Award and bemoaned the fact that he'd never won one which amused the audience. He then talked to Nikki about what had triggered her desire to get better and praised her for having the courage to talk about it all. Nikki confessed that it did take courage because anorexia is such a secretive and embarassing illness and is often mis-represented as simply "attention seeking".

After that Jeremy asked Nikki to describe how she was force-fed and ended up in a coma and then moved on to what he described as the main reason why Nikki was on the show; which was to talk about the legacy that anorexia causes to sufferers. Nikki described the effect that the illness has caused her; stunted growth, no hips, acute osteoporosis, infertility and lack of enamel on her teeth. She said that people often asked her if she regretted what had happened and she answered that although she was sad about it all it's also what made her the person she is today. She ended by saying that she just wants to publicise the effects of anorexia in the hope that it prevents some people from going down the same road.

Jeremy ended the interview by saying how important this message was and thanked Nikki for being so honest about it all.

For information or help with eating disorders Nikki recommends B-EAT the leading UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families.

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