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Nikki 's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine - Issue 696

October 14, 2009
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This week Hot Stars is back and Nikki Talks about Matt's agony, Lindsay's problems, and Russell and Katy's budding romance...

I was having terrible pain with my wisdom tooth last week and will probably have to have it out this week, which I'm not looking forward to! On a brighter note, I went to see Mercury Prize winner Speech Debelle sing at Scala in Kings Cross and she was fantastic! Last weekend I went to Hull for the BBC Headroom event in support of World Mental Health Day and did a talk. I've also been to Great Ormond Street Hospital where I got to meet the children and be a DJ for Radio Lollipop.

Reports say that Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael has claimed she is addicted to prescription drugs, which I don't think is a very helpful thing to say. If what is being claimed is true, she's clearly going through a rough time and your dad is supposed to support you, not tell everyone about your problems. I think Lindsay can get back to her movie-making days, but if reports are right, she needs to take some time out.

I was so upset to hear about the death of Matt Lucas' ex-husband, Kevin McGee. About three years ago I met them both at a restaurant and they were such lovely guys. I can't even imagine what Matt must be going through, It's so awful. I'm glad he has good friends like David Walliams to comfort him. I'm sending a big cuddle Matt's way.

I'm loving the X Factor live finals and stayed in on Saturday night just to watch. I really think Stacey Solomon has a chance of winning - she has a great voice and seems sweet and likeable. Although it must be pretty scary to perform in front of a live audience, I think this year the contestants had an advantage as they'd already done it at the auditions stage, so it was probably not quite as frightening as it would have been last year.

I wasn't surprised when I heard Russell Brand and Katy Perry had got together - they are both quite quirky! Russell seems to be able to get any woman he wants with that charm of his. Katy seems besotted by him and I think they make a good couple, although I'm sure feisty Katy won't stand for any nonsense! I can't see them planning marriage or children any time soon, but I'd like to see it work for them.

Too Faced Lash Injection mascara. It's really easy to use and is so effective at volumising your lashes - I love it!

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