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Nikki Grahame is Tinkerbell in LOVE IT! magazine this week

December 9, 2009
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This week in Love It! magazine in a Christmas themed photoshoot Nikki is featured as the Peter Pan character Tinkerbell. In the article Nikki says she is a child at heart and identifies with Peter Pan as the child that never wants to grow up, she also talks about Christmas and tells us what her highlights were this year and what she wants for next year.

"I love that Peter Pan never wants to grow up and I can identify with that. I'm a child at heart and I don't think I even know how to become an adult. I've seen Hook at least 10 times and I'd love to be Tinkerbell. she has fairy dust that helps her fly - if I could do the same I'd go to Australia as I've always wanted to go. I don't like aeroplanes and the thought of being on one for 24 hours puts me off.

I love Christmas. I never go out on Christmas Eve because I don't want to ruin the next day by being hungover. I'll spend the day at my sister's house, then a few of us are going to Dublin to see in the New Year.

The worst thing I ever received for Christmas was a piece of jewellery my dad bought me from a market stall. It was in a Tiffany pouch but when I opened it, inside was a crusty old brooch in the shape of a cross, Yuck!

The best present I ever had was when I was four and I got a beautiful doll's pram. I felt so grown up with it, tottering around in my mum's heels.

I've had a brilliant time in 2009. I did a play at the Edinburgh Festival and my autobiography came out. It was very hard to dredge up old memories but it was something I wanted to do. It's out in six countries and I get a lot of feedback from other people with eating disorders who say it has helped them.

In 2010, I'd like to open my own drop-in centre for people to come in and get advice and help with their eating disorders and speak frankly about them. I'm also doing some DJ'ing work for hospital radio. I'd love to do more and give Chris Moyles a run for his money!"

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

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Release date: 7th May 2012.
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