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Nikki's Hotstar Column in OK! magazine this week - issue 707

January 6, 2010
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This week Nikki talks on Brittany Murphy's shock death, Dancing on Ice and Chery and Nadine's chart battle....

I've just come back from a brilliant New Year in Dublin! I had a fantastic time and got to catch up with my friend Michelle Heaton, which was lovely. I also got lots of nice presents for christmas, including a pink electric guiter from my boyfriend, Sam. He's in the band Rogues, and is going to teach me how to play. I got to spend time with his family in Aberystwyth, in Wales, over the holidays and now I'm really looking forward to this year. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2010!

I was absolutely devastated to hear about the death of Brittany Murphy. She was one of my favourite actresses and I've loved her since she starred in clueless. She was also fantastic in Girl, Interrupted and Just Married with Ashton Kutcher. I can't believe she's gone. It must be awful for her family. She was so young and still had a lot more to offer the acting world. Rest in peace, Brittany.

Chery Cole and Nadine Coyle are going at loggerheads in the charts this year! Nadine as always been my favourite member of Girls Aloud - I love her accent. She's also got a great team behind her with Robbie Williams' former songwriter Guy Chambers. On the other hand, Cheryl's single 3 Words, is the worst song I've ever heard, so if the rest are like that Nadine will storm it, no problem.

I'm really looking forward to Dancing On Ice. Kieron Richards from Hollyoaks is so lovely. I hope he does well. I also love Dr Hilary Jones and have had a crush on him for ages! It'll be good to see Sinitta doing something without Simon Cowell for a change. As for Heather Mills, I'll be interested to see how she manages to skate with a false leg, but i think she's too disliked to win the public over.

If Kerry Katona gets evicted from her house she can always go back to her caravan. Apparently one of Marks's companies is a caravan park so at least they wouldn't be homeless. She may be forced to get a regular job - I'm sure Iceland would have her on the checkout. But I really hope 2010 is a brighter year for her and she can put 2009 behind her.

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