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Nikki's Hotstar Column in OK! magazine this week - issue 713

February 17, 2010
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This week Nikki talks about Vernon Kay's text shame, Jordan and Alex Reid's surprise wedding and Lily Allen's body hang-ups.

I've just come back from an amazing holiday in Australia! I got a bit tipsy in the wine-tasting region Barossa, and Kangaroo Island was breathtaking. I've seen lots of Kangaroos, Koalas, Seal pups and Wallabies and even got to feed some Pelicans! The shopping in Melbourne was unbelievable - very chic. I brought some lovely tops and dresses, although I didn't put enough sun cream on and my shin's peeling really badly now!

I was shocked to hear that Vernon Kay has admitted to having "text sex" with several girls, as you never usually read anything negative about him. His wife Tess Daly is really lovely and I don't know how she is going to cope with the news. I'm sure they'll try to work through it, especially as they have two young daughters to think about. At least Vernon has come clean, though, so they're halfway there already.

I wasn't surprised to hear Jordan and Alex Reid had got married. From watching Alex in the CBB house, he seems like a really nice guy. I guess when you're caught in the moment of being in love, it's easy to get swept away. I think they make a good pair and I can see them lasting - it seems genuine to me. While Peter Andre is quite feisty, Alex seems more easy-going, which is perhaps what Jordan needs.

Lily Allen has revealed her body dismorphia makes her think she's bigger then she is and I can empathise with this, having lived with anorexia. Lily should know she has nothing to worry about - she has a gorgeous figure and I would love to look like her! She's the Queen of Cool and should take comfort from the fact that so many girls aspire to be like her and think she looks great just the way she is.

I'm so happy Dannii Minogue is the new face of Marks & Spencer. It's a brilliant campaign and I think she'll attract a whole new fanbase to the brand. Dannii's a fresh face for them and will look stunning in their clothes - she's so beautiful and glowing. I really hope she stars in the TV advert, as well as the photo-shoots - I think they are the best on the box!

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Nikki Grahame at Kanagroo Island
Nikki with a couple of Pretty-faced Wallabies on Kangaroo Island

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