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Nikki's Ok! Mag Hotstar Column and pics from David Van Day and Sue Moxley Wedding

March 3, 2010
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This week in OK! magazine Nikki talks about Coleen Rooney's post-baby body. Simon Cowell's big interview and Cheryl Cole's split from Ashley. Also in the magazine this week there is pictures from Sue Moxley and David Van Day's wedding and Nikki is a bridesmaid.

Last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I signed copies of my book, Dying To Be Thin, at High Chelmer Shopping Centre in Chelmsford. A percentage goes towards charity Beat. At the weekend I was a bridesmaid for my friend Sue Moxley at her wedding to David Van Day. It was a lovely day and Sue looked stunning. Catch it on Four Weddings on Living TV! I also ran the Welsh Lady Race in Aberystwth with my former BB7 housemate Glyn Wise, to raise money for Wales' Cultural Youth Festival, and recorded an episode of My Super Sweet 16 for MTV along with my dogs!

Coleen Rooney has been showing off her post-baby bikini body and is looking great. She hasn't rushed to lose the weight like some people, which is setting a really good example. She looks as though she's followed a sensible routine of healthy eating and exercise, rather than dropped a lot of weight suddenly. She will have spent time after Kai's birth bonding with him and resting, rather than rushing to the gym as soon as she left hospital!

I will definitely be staying in to watch Piers Morgan interviewing Simon Cowell on Life Stories this weekend! There are so many things I want him to talk about, especially his new girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy. I want to know all the gossip from The X Factor too and if he'll continue doing the UK version when he takes the show to the States. I think Simon likes to stir up controversy so am sure he'll throw a few gems in there!

Dannii Minogue is apparently planning some time off from this year's X Factor auditions while she has her baby, which she will thoroughly deserve. I'd love to see her sister Kylie take over for a bit. But apparently Kylie has said there is no way she could fill her sister's shoes on the show as she does it so well. It'll be hard for Dannii to manage both the show and the pregnancy, but I'm sure she'll cope just brilliantly.

So Cheryl Cole has finally dumped Ashley - it's about time! It's been reported that Ashley's said that he'll got for sex addiction counselling, but I think it's a bit late for that. She'd be a fool to take him back again. It's sad because she must have loved him a lot to have put up with everything for so long. Cheryl may be moving to LA and I think it would be a good idea for her to get away from it all and come to terms with what 's happened. She's a strong lady and I hope she sticks

We Will Rock You at London Dominion Theatre. It's a brilliant night out featuring the music of Queen and is really upbeat! Treat yourself to a ticket!

The Wedding Of Sue Moxley and David Van Day!

David and Sue celebrate there wedding and Ok! magazine have done a lovely feature for them and Nikki was a bridesmaid.

When the the Bride & Groom were asked "Who were your bridesmaids?" they had this to say about Nikki:

Sue: "My friend Linda Mason and Nikki Grahame, who I love to bits. She's mad!"

David: "I saw Nikki on Big Brother and thought she was fantastic entertainment and she's exactly the same in real life." I squeezed her and she said: "Don't do that, I'll break!"

There were loads of great pics and here are some of those great pics that do feature Nikki as a bridesmaid looking very radiant in red.

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Celebrity Four Weddings

Tune in on Mon 24th May (note: changed from 5th April) 9:00pm on Living TV. David and Sue go head to head as one of 4 couples. The couples will have to score highly on the dress, the venue, the catering and the overall presentation to win the donation to their chosen charity.

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_120_nikki_grahame_fragile_bookcover.jpgThe true story of my life long battle with Anorexia.
Release date: 7th May 2012.
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