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Nikki's Hotstar Column in OK! magazine this week - issue 717

March 17, 2010
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This week Nikki talks about Tess Daly's marriage, Simon Cowell's public kiss and Peter Andre's latest revelation...

I've had some new pictures taken for my column, so look out for those soon! You can also catch me presenting My Super Sweet 16 on MTV this Saturday at Midday. Last week, my sister Natalie and I took our mum to Planet Hollywood for a celebrity Mother's Day celebration, which was great fun. I also went to see a brilliant film called Breathe at The Cuban bar in Camden. Also, I want to say congratulations to Natalie who's expecting a baby boy - we're over the moon! He's not due until July, but mum is already knitting a blanket for him and started buying nappies!

I saw Tess Daly talking about her marriage on The One Show and must say I agree with her. Her husband Vernon Kay's 'sexting' may have been terrible, but she's right to work through it. It's easier said than done to let it all go after ten years. They have got two daughters to consider and Tess is still clearly deeply in love - she can't just switch off her feelings.

Simon Cowell and his fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy had an interesting kiss on The Jay Leno Show last week. I know he likes the publicity but he wasn't even looking at her! I'm no body-language expert but he doesn't look comfortable. He must be keen, though, as she's the first woman to have made him want to get married. Good luck to them both, I say.

Peter Andre has spoken out about having an eating disorder - I had never realised. It's great that he's admitted it as men are not always confident enough to talk about it. In my own experience, I've found that when your down it's easier to be distracted by your relationship with food - and Peter will have been vulnerable while going through his divorce last year. I'm sure he'll pick up, though - he's got support.

Cheryl Cole is said to be house hunting and I wouldn't be surprised if she got a huge place close to Simon Cowell in Los Angeles! He could show Cheryl the ropes over there and help her settle into American life. After all she's been through with Ashley it will be great for her to have a clean start. I can imagine Cheryl buying a gorgeous-looking place with a pool, just like one of those mansions in The Hills!

Olivia Lee's new show Dirty Sexy Funny on Comedy Central. She plays lots of hilarious characters and the show is really typical of London.

editors note:
I would also like to say congratulations and offer my heartfelt wishes to Natalie Grahame expecting a new baby, Des. xxxx

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