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Nikki Grahame in Heat Magazine this week - BB couples

June 9, 2010
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This week Heat magazine is all about couples, it's always been about the couples. Nikki & Pete feature as the couple from BB7.

From Nikki and Pete's interview:

"Then: He had Tourette's. She had Tantrums. Separated after Nikki's shock eviction Pete's face was priceless when she re-entered the house..."

Nikki, your tantrums were infamous, why did you only listen to Pete?
Nikki: "Because I loved him""

Was it hard when Nikki got evicted Pete?
Pete: "Yeah."
Nikki: "I remember when Davina was calling out my name, Pete was grabbing my arm."
Pete: "It was a shock because I was closest to Nikki."
Nikki: "I thought you were closest to Lea. I was like, why does he open up to Lea? I understand better!

Did you miss her?
Pete: "Yeah I missed her constant singing.
Nikki: (laughs) I have serious expressions when I sing and you use to laugh at me."
Pete: "Yeah I missed that."

Nikki what was it like when you went back in?
Nikki: "He picked me up, spun me around then kissed me on the lips, I was so happy."

Were you ever worried it was just a holiday romance?
Pete: "It was really exciting, but I was scared as well, especially when we got the best kiss award and you went mad and cried in the diary room."
Nikki: "Why?"
Pete: "Because you didn't get an award for yourself!"
Nikki: "I was so different back then. I'm happy with my life right now and I know your married, Pete, but no one broke my heart like you did."

Do either of you have regrets?
Nikki: "I've got no regrets at all."
Pete: I think it could've ended nicer but, no, I have no regrets."

Most people loved BB7 because of your relationship...
Pete: "We kind of killed Big Brother..."
Nikki: "It was never as good after that!"

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