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Nikki Grahame is Digital Spy's Ultimate Big Brother housemate

June 19, 2010
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In the Digital Spy Big Brother 'Ultimate' Housemate poll - Nikki Grahame is the Big Brother contestant DS readers most want to see back on the show at the end of the summer. Nikki stormed in with 16.2% of the vote beating Brian Dowling 2nd with 13.6%. Nikki's BB7 rival Aisleyne Horgan Wallace, Big Brother 5's Nadia Almada and Big Brother 6's Makosi Musambasi also racked up significant support in the poll, which DS says it's readers voted in their thousands. Nikki has indicated that she would be willing to go back into the house if she is selected for the 2 week allstars series.

Digital Spy also caught up with Nikki to see how she feels about winning their Ultimate Housemate poll. From the interview:

How does it feel to have won the DS Ultimate housemate poll?
"Really, I won?! Wow! Who was in the running? Brian Dowling was second! What about Brian Belo? What about Nadia? What about Pete? He was tenth... well it looks like I'm going back in the house then! I've had such brilliant support since leaving the show and my fans have been brilliant. So I'd really like to thank them all for taking the time to vote for me, because I really do appreciate it."

Why do you think people loved you so much as a housemate?
"I think people still like me because I was just myself. I just had fun and enjoyed my experience in there. Well, most of it! I think some people try and act a certain way on the show, to win popularity, but it doesn't work when they come out because they were not being true to themselves."....

For the full interview head over to Digital Spy here.

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