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July 4, 2010
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Nikki's favourite this week is Ben and she wants him to win - she thought his task was "legend" and loved the tree of temptation calling him a "quiff head" and a "posh git" She still likes Shabby though she thinks her tantrum about the hat was OTT (and admits that's rich coming from her!!), thinks JJ might be the next Calum Best when he comes out of the house, says Caiomhe is "vile" and is bored with Nathan and Steve. She wants them out to make way for some more hot boys in there to "Give John James a run for his money!!!.

Read what she says about "Flirts, gits and attention seekers" in her blog and what she has to say in her video diary here

Nikki filmed her video diary from the Hop Farm Festival in Kent this weekend and was taking part in the Celebrity football event. As you can see in the photo, her footballing skills are as good as ever!

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

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Release date: 7th May 2012.
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July 1, 2010
Image for - Nikki Grahame on Live From Studio Five
Nikki appeared on Live From Studio Five as a guest in a discussion about the media obsession with skinny models. Ex-BB 11 contestant Rachel White talked about her own experiences and talked to schoolchildren about diets and the effect of size zero models on their own self esteem. She then interviewed Nikki who spoke about the results that anorexia had had on her body and about the fact that the media industry was partly to blame for the recent increase in people who have developed eating disorders.…
June 29, 2010
Image for - Nikki Grahame on BBLB
Introduced as the queen of tears and tantrums, Nikki appeared on BBLB today with her very own puppet which has curly blonde hair and bunny ears! Nikki was asked to comment on and rate 4 housemates on her very own moanometer. She still likes Shabby but isn't keen on Sunshine - because she moans too much!! She also sang the show out with a new version of her BB song with lyrics about some of the housemates as well as the BBLB presenters, Emma and George.
June 27, 2010
Image for - Nikki Grahame's third NOTW blog
Nikki sends her blog and video diary this week from Glastonbury. She's "loving the tree of temptation this year"! but a few people have been really bugging her this week - she's not impressed with the whole Shabby / Caiomhe business nor Corin's obbssession with her mirror but she's loving "clueless buffoon Ben" and Sunshine's LadyGaga impressions. Read everything she has to say here And see her video diary here
June 24, 2010
Image for - Nikki Grahame supports the Jeans for Genes Campaign
On 22nd June Nikki attended a celebrity party for the Jeans for Genes Campaign. The campaign was launched by Nick Ede from EdenCancan who said: "We launched the new Jeans for Genes campaign yesterday at Mark Fullers Sanctum Hotel rooftop. The event was celebrity packed and as a patron for the event I introduced the lovely Zoe Tyler who sang so well. Lots of people attended including Danielle Lloyd, Zoe Salmon, Jenny Frost and Liz McLarnon. Nikki Graham was on form and she was excited about going…
June 20, 2010
Image for - Nikki Grahame's second NOTW blog
"ok im officially hooked to bb11! i know i say this every year but this is the best one so far!!!" That's what Nikki thinks of BB - and if you want to know what she thinks of the housemates, including her controversial opinion of Steve, the love triangle between Mario, Ben and Dave and her growing girlie-crush on Shabby!! then read it all here in her blog And then watch Nikki's video diary which includes a great impression of Josie.