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Nikki Grahame's fifth NOTW blog and video diary

July 11, 2010
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"This week has dragged.. BIG TIME!"

Nikki has been finding it hard to be enthusiastic about BB since Shabby left. She thinks Caoimhe has turned into the house bitch, is finding Corin annoying, says Mario has driven her mad this week with his psycho behaviour towards Ben and didn't like the robot task at all as it was far too loud!

She's glad Nathan was evicted though and is looking forward to seeing how the new housemates get on in the house. predicts Caoimhe and Keeley (who she thinks, unlike her, suffers from small woman syndrome!!) will clash big-time.

See what she has to say about all the events in the house this week and her opinions on the housemates here in her blog and video diary

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Nikki's favourite this week is Ben and she wants him to win - she thought his task was "legend" and loved the tree of temptation calling him a "quiff head" and a "posh git" She still likes Shabby though she thinks her tantrum about the hat was OTT (and admits that's rich coming from her!!), thinks JJ might be the next Calum Best when he comes out of the house, says Caiomhe is "vile" and is bored with Nathan and Steve. She wants them out to make way for some more hot boys in there to "Give John James…
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Introduced as the queen of tears and tantrums, Nikki appeared on BBLB today with her very own puppet which has curly blonde hair and bunny ears! Nikki was asked to comment on and rate 4 housemates on her very own moanometer. She still likes Shabby but isn't keen on Sunshine - because she moans too much!! She also sang the show out with a new version of her BB song with lyrics about some of the housemates as well as the BBLB presenters, Emma and George.