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Nikki's Hotstars Column in OK! Magazine - issue 739

August 18, 2010
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Nikki's column is back and this week she talks about Cheryl's friend, Kerry Katona and Abbey Clancey's dilemma.

Hi everyone! I've been on top of the world as my sister Natalie gave birth to a baby boy recently - Sunny. He's growing really fast and is absolutely gorgeous! It was also my best friend Carly's birthday last weekend, so I'd like to send "Happy Birthday" wishes to her! I went to the Big Chill festival where I met Thom Yorke from Radiohead - it was magical, and I'm still smiling about it now. I've been to Natalie Cassidy's baby shower in London and am looking forward to watching The Kooks at V Festival.

I'm really glad Cheryl Cole is feeling much better now. As for her relationship with Derek Hough, I think he's more of a companion than a boyfriend. That's how it looks, anyway. I think that's what she needs right now - a close friend, rather than a serious relationship. She's probably still getting over Ashley. I hope she's been having a good time in America, and managed to get some relaxation time.

I don't want this series of Big Brother to end! I think it was a great idea to add Sam Pepper to the house, he was just what it needed. I am completely over the John James and Josie show now, though. I can't wait to see who will be going into the Ultimate Big Brother house. It's going to be the perfect way for the show to go out with a bang!

Kerry Katona may have split up from Adam Waldron, but there's no way she'll get back with Mark Croft. She's looking really good at the moment, much better than when she was with him. Mark is said to be planning to write a book about his time with Kerry, so he'd definitely be putting an end to any reconciliation if he did that. I don't think Kerry should rush into another relationship and should just enjoy being single for a while.

It's such a shame that Peter Crouch is said to have cheated on Abbey Clancey - what was he thinking? She's so beautiful, he should think himself lucky to have got a girlfriend like that. Abbey will need some time to calm down and come to terms with what's happened. It must be a horrible feeling when your life is examined so publicly and I wish her all the best.

Rodeo King. I went to a party where they had a rodeo bull, and it was so much fun! Although its not a good idea if you've had a few drinks! Visit

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