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Nikki Grahame - Ultimate Big Brother 'who is she' task.

August 26, 2010
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Nikki has won the housemates £650 for this weeks shopping task. The task was designed around Nikki's famous diaryroom rant "Who is she".

For the first part of the task Nikki was blindfolded for the challenge, and with Preston guiding her, had to feel the faces of five female ex-housemates. Preston and the past contestants were not allowed to give her clues. Meanwhile, the other housemates watched the task on the TV screen in the living room.

Nikki incorrectly named Chanelle Haynes as the ex-hm in box 1, but later disputed that she didn't understand the directions fully that Big Brother gave her. Big brother later gave her a 2nd chance in which Nikki correctly guessed it to be Caroline O'Shea from the very first big brother.

For the 2nd box Nikki correctly guessed it to be Kathreya from Big Brother 9 over twins Sam and Amanda Marchant.

However, Nikki incorrectly guessed the third box, Kinga from Big Brother 6 over Amma from Big Brother 2.

The fourth box contained Grace Adams-Short in which Nikki instantly guessed it to be Grace. Nikki said: "It's Grace! Stay in the house, I need Big Brother 7 people here, I miss you all!" Her choices were Grace, Carole from Big Brother 8 and Michelle Bass. Nikki joked: "The boobs steered me off Michelle."

The final box contained Anna Nolan, the runner-up of series one. Nikki's choices were Anna, Helen Adams from Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler. Nikki incorrectly guessed Kate, saying: "I know it's not Anna." Anna cheekily whispered: "Hi, Nikki." Nikki asked: "who was whispering", Anna joked: "I can't tell you, but you got it wrong." Nikki said: "Oh no, it's Anna."

For the first part of the task Nikki won the housemates £150 towards this weeks shopping task. See video below.

Part 1 Nikki correctly identifies 3 out of 5 housemates (16m 29s)

For the 2nd part of the shopping task £500 was up for grabs. Nikki was given the task of picking the correct housemate from a lineup, all of whom said that they were Lisa Jeynes from Big Brother 4.

Straight away, Nikki announced that the first lady in the lineup was the correct Lisa, as they each repeated her famous phrase: "Hi, I'm Lisa Jeynes, and I can kill you with these two fingers."

Big Brother later announced that Nikki had won £650 for the next shopping budget. See video below.

Nikki instantly picks that the first lady in the lineup is Lisa Jeynes from BB4 (6m 01s)

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