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September 1, 2010
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It's now the end of Nikki's first full week in Ultimate Big Brother and what an eventful week it's been.

Nikki had the first shopping task - "Who Is She" where she had to guess who 5 former housemates were by touch - and then another out of a line-up. She won £650 for the shopping budget!
She also featured in another task where she had to interview the housemates for her NOTW blog - Nikki was great asking questions like a "proper" reporter and wasn't even fazed when John McCririck refused to answer! Despite a few tears of exasperation when she had to use a broken typewriter and was running out of time, Nikki did excellently and the resulting blog was great. As Makosi said in the DR - it was beginning to look like the Nikki show!

Nikki has also been excellent in the group tasks. In the "Big Head" task it was so funny to see her with her tiny frame holding up such a big head. The housemates had to guess when an hour was up before lifting the head and Nikki almost won with 56 mins, being beaten only by Preston with 1hour 1 min. She was also involved with the "Build a "Shed task when Craig from BB1 entered the house to see if he could build a shed faster than the HM's. Nikki did well - what is not shown on the highlights was that she was lifted up to put the last screw in the roof.

The latest task was a re-run of the BB7 majorettes task. Nikki loved this task first time round and has said in the past that it was her favourite task of all times. There was some confusion who should lead and who should choreograph but in the end she was chosen as the choreographer and put a lot of effort into the task, showing the others how it should be done. There was a very funny moment when Nikki was showing the others how to twirl the baton and hit herself on the nose!

Nikki has shown this week how much she has matured since BB7: a few tears and moans maybe but no major tantrums - just Nikki being Nikki and very entertaining. And this is what Ultimate Big Brother should be all about. The people who - love them or hate them - have entertained us the most in the house over the past 11 years.

So - please keep Nikki in the house. Don't be complacent - remember that votes to evict with multiple housemates can be a complete disaster with the most controversial and entertaining housemates evicted and the boring ones staying.

GET VOTING NOW - to evict one of the other housemates and KEEP NIKKI IN THE HOUSE.

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