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Ultimate Big Brother - Nikki Grahame survives eviction

September 4, 2010
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What a night!
In the end a very nervous looking Nikki survived and Nadia and Makosi were evicted. Sadly, both evictees were booed but Nikki got a lot of cheers when her name was read out by Davina. In a surprise turn of events Vanessa Feltz entered the house as a new housemate. Vanessa is a good friend of Nikki's so Nikki was very pleased to see her.

Earlier in the day we saw Nikki's friend Carly supporting her on BBLB and in the highlights we saw Brian's dancing task where Nikki got to see, not only Sam and Amanda, but also Glyn. She was overjoyed to see him and gave him a huge hug. What with that, and seeing Pete in her PA task, she had a really good day.

Nikki is missing her BB7 housemates, and is pleased to see Glyn enter for a task

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