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September 10, 2010
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When the housemates got their letters from home Nikki was delighted but reading the messages, and Davina's visit to the house, made her think about the end of Big Brother and what it had meant to her. She spoke very emotionally in the Diary Room about her sadness that BB is ending. and about how much Big Brother has helped her turn her life around. When she was in the house last time she had nothing; she'd lost her childhood through anorexia, she'd had very little schooling and had no qualifications and Nikki said how grateful she will always be for the opportunities that Big Brother has given her. She also said that this time in the house she has put on weight for the first time ever without being in hospital and that although she finds that difficult, she is immensely proud of herself. And so she should be.

Nikki Grahame in the diaryroom day17 UBB from bluegroper on Vimeo.

This was not about wanting to win - this was about Nikki's sadness at BB ending and her gratitude to BB for helping her turn her life around.

Throughout the years lots of housemates have gone on a "journey" - from Nadia seeking acceptance as a transsexual to Glyn learning to cook an egg "for the very first time" but Nikki's journey has been one of the best. She's said in the house that she feels honoured to be there - she's not expecting to win but she CAN with your help.

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