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Nikki in the mags this week

March 18, 2008

OK - In Nikki's column this week she talks about: Posh Spice Victoria Beckham appearing on the cover of Vogue, the name Javine Hylton and Harvey gave their new baby daughter, sad that Michael Jackson may lose his Neverland ranch and was shocked to hear that Dirty Dancing and Ghost star Patrick Swayzee has pancreatic cancer. Nikki wishes him a full recovery.

Nikki's Diary - another busy week for Nikki. Nikki's been really upset as someone crashed into Nikki in her car ("Nikki-mobile")last week and it's been destroyed and will need a lot of work to repair.

But Nikki did a fabulous fashion shoot so that cheered her up as did Nick Ede's Glamour:oke party she attended.

Nikki's mum is having surgery for a complete face makeover this week. Sue is very nervous but Nikki is sure she'll be fine.

Heat - 2 photos of Nikki on the cover of this mag, "Nikki New Anorexia Fears". 2 page article inside speculating on Nikki's weight & whether her anorexia has returned, but as the lady herself says, "I may have lost a bit, but it's nothing intentional. I've been quite stressed recently but I certainly haven't gone out of my way to lose weight. I fluctuate like any normal person. I'm still eating sensibly and I don't even weigh myself....I'm absolutely fine, it's not a problem".

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