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Nikki Grahame on Big Brother's Bit on the Side

September 22, 2011
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Nikki was once again the "psychologist of sorts" on BBBOTS. This time she had with her, not only her books, but a microscope, complete with brain sample - apparently!!

Nikki was asked to comment on the 2 nominated housemates; Heaven and Rebeckah. Last week Nikki said she liked Rebeckah but this week she's definitely changed her mind and "can't stand her". She does like Heaven (who describes herself as a holistic healer) however, and would be happy to be in the house with her so that she could be "healed", although she admitted Heaven would have her work cut out! There were further opinions about other female housemates and, as ever, they were typically Nikki and very entertaining.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 21st September 2011

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Nikki was once again the BB "House Psychologist of Sorts" resplendent in white coat, stethoscope and carrying heavy medical and psychological tomes!! She was asked for her opinion on the housemates and, not surprisingly, she wasn't afraid to be honest. She spoke about what its like to nominate and which housemates are annoying her at the moment. Apparently these are the ones who kept saying they were "normal". In Nikki's opinion no-one who goes on Big Brother is "normal" although - as she pointed…
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Once again Nikki was the BB unofficial psychologist, looking very professional in her white coat. In this episode, instead of the usual psychobabble, she was asked about how the contestants must be feeling the night before the final, what its like to come out of the house and about her own experiences before she entered BB. As usual Nikki was very entertaining and had some interesting tales to tell about what's it like to be in hiding before entering the Big Brother house. If you missed it, see…
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