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Nikki Grahame on Big Brothers Bit on the Side 28th September

September 29, 2011
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Nikki appeared on Big Brothers Bit on the Side last night in her roll as the shows resident amateur psychologist. Nikki has a new book from the library on Gorilla Psychology, about how primates relate to humans. Nikki quotes from the book to explain how the housemates are displaying Gorilla behaviour.

Watch the video below for Nikki's weekly comical psychologist view on the BB house and how they are relating to Gorilla's. And listen to Nikki's views on the show and the housemates.

Nikki Grahame Big Brother Psychologist 28th September 2011

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame picture - 1_120_nikki_grahame_fragile_bookcover.jpgThe true story of my life long battle with Anorexia.
Release date: 7th May 2012.
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September 27, 2011
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Hi guys hope you are all enjoying the new big brother? I'm addicted as always and really loving my new role as the "In House Psychologist"! As you are all probably aware I am involved in "Body Gossip" and earlier this year we filmed with Gok Wan for his new TV show which will be on very soon, I will give you all the details when I know! Also the "Body Gossip" book is due to come out which is very exciting. I also filmed Celebrity Coach Trip in July which I have to be honest was not a very pleasant…
September 22, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame on Big Brother's Bit on the Side
Nikki was once again the "psychologist of sorts" on BBBOTS. This time she had with her, not only her books, but a microscope, complete with brain sample - apparently!! Nikki was asked to comment on the 2 nominated housemates; Heaven and Rebeckah. Last week Nikki said she liked Rebeckah but this week she's definitely changed her mind and "can't stand her". She does like Heaven (who describes herself as a holistic healer) however, and would be happy to be in the house with her so that she could be…
September 14, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame on Big Brothers Bit on the Side
Nikki was once again the BB "House Psychologist of Sorts" resplendent in white coat, stethoscope and carrying heavy medical and psychological tomes!! She was asked for her opinion on the housemates and, not surprisingly, she wasn't afraid to be honest. She spoke about what its like to nominate and which housemates are annoying her at the moment. Apparently these are the ones who kept saying they were "normal". In Nikki's opinion no-one who goes on Big Brother is "normal" although - as she pointed…
September 9, 2011
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Nikki attended the launch of this years Jeans for Genes Day at Kettners which was featured in OK! magazine. Jeans for Genes is a great charity which provides funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders. There's a blog about the event here They also have a facebook page
September 8, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame at the last Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side
Nikki was on the panel at the last Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side along with Alice Levine, Jamie East and Sue Katona. The panel were asked about their favourite moments of the series and Nikki chose Paddy having a tantrum in the DR because it reminded her of herself! Although she said Jedward were her favourites, she also liked Paddy and was glad he won - and loved the fact that he called her a "contrary little woman"!! The programme ended with everyone - including Nikki of course - dancing…