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Nikki Grahame 100 Days on Big Brother

June 25, 2015
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Congratulations Nikki who now has accumulated 100 days in the Big Brother House, 69 days in Big Brother 7 + 18 days on Ultimate Big Brother + 13 days = 100 days so far on Big Brother 16.

The week started well with the tag nominations which was kicked off by Jade. And ended with the whole house being put up except for Chloe who was the last housemate standing and Marc who got a free pass because of the time warp twist with Helen and the legends Nikki and Brian.

Day 41 was a fun day in the house although it ended up with Nikki not being given a special invitation by Nick to attend his birthday party as his special guest. All the other housemates were invited except for Nikki who had the role as the waitress. The day started out with Nikki and Harry pampering Nick with a spa, Nikki applying a beauty mask. Nikki and Harry also had to write a song and perform for Nick and paint his portrait. Nikki was not real happy being the waitress but she does provide good entertainment for the viewing public.

Nikki gets hurt in a riot, Brian climbs over the wall

Day 42 provides some alarming viewing as Nikki is pinned under some heavier housemates while others opened packets of what ever they could find including soap powder and throwing it about. Nikki was hit in the face by a bottle and crying while everyone else were laughing vandalising the storeroom. Nikki running to the diaryroom in deep distress had a disgusting response from Helen Wood accusing Nikki of attention seeking. Thank heavens Brian Belo was there to comfort Nikki who stayed in a spare room overnight.

But unfortunately on last nights episode it was all too much for Brian and he climbed over the wall. Helen and Marc had been antagonising and baiting Brian all day. They both received formal warnings by Big Brother but showed little remorse for their actions. Final words from Nikki that she wasn't going to let Helen beat her or intimidate her into leaving and she will stick around because it will get under her skin. Well said Nikki!

Aisleyne is Back!

On BOTS last night it was offically confirmed that Aisleyne entered the house. A sneek preview showed Aisleyne appearing out of a present as Santa's Helper. Nikki was so excited ran over to hug her. Although Nikki and Aisleyne were rivals on BB7 who couldn't forget Nikki running to the diaryroom and Aisleyne yelling out "You better know yourself if you talking about me little girl" and Nikki imitating her back at the diaryroom door and in a rant in the diaryroom.

I am very pleased that Aisleyne is now there as she won't allow anyone especially Nikki to be bullied. And know's how to handle Helen as she throws Helen's gift at her feet and tells her "Basic rations for a basic Bitch"!

Fragile by Nikki Grahame

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