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Nikki exits the Big Brother house as a Rock Star!

June 29, 2015
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This week has been really telling on Big Brother and Nikki weathered the storm brilliantly. Her time was up and she came out to a reception fitting of a Rock Star! This years Big Brother saw the Timewarp twist which saw absolute Legends Nikki Grahame and Brian Belo enter a secret Bunker with a fake eviction of Marc. A repeat of the Big Brother 7 fake eviction of Aisleyne Horgan Wallace, thats what I first thought as that would be a real timewarp twist. Instead they gave us Helen last years winner who had a free pass to the final and never had to face a vote to evict otherwise she would have been gone! For some reason she won narrowly over Ashley Cole in a vote to win in 2015 for being vile to other housemates the entire season.

This season has been blessed with Nikki entering the house and she hadn't changed a bit she was a trooper and never disappointed her fans. Nikki hasn't changed since BB7 except she is in a much better frame of mind and has conquered her demons of anorexia, she looked amazing!

Nikki got a great reception from the crowd, reminiscent of when she was evicted in BB7 for the first time and got a chant Nikki..Nikki..Nikki and came out to cheers. This being her 4th time evicted from the Big Brother house and her 5th appearance on the show and has had more the 100 days in Big Brother house more then any #BBUK housemate ever!

What I really loved about this eviction at the top of the stairs Nikki gave the click. And if you don't know what that is well you haven't watched Ultimate Big Brother which all the housemates in the final did. Nikki did it as a tribute to all the great housemates in that series.

Watch below as Nikki comes out of the house, thank you to C5 who has the copyright and apologies to some countries that may not see it.

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