Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame is evicted from the Big Brother Canada House to a Standing Ovation.

April 30, 2016
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After 58 day's in the Big Brother House Nikki was sadly evicted during a double eviction. She was met by a standing ovation and rapturous applause from the audience.

After surviving the first eviction against Jared she was renominated in the 2nd eviction with Tim by the brothers Nick and Phil who became the new Head of House. Cassandra winning the veto saved Tim and after a moment of indecision by the brothers wanting to nominate themselves chose Joel as the replacement nomination.

Nikki knew she was going when she was up with Joel on the block. She was evicted by a vote of 3-0 and was gobsmacked with Tim not throwing his vote behind her which is why she never hugged anyone on the way out.

Arisa opening the interview: "Nikki, Happy Birthday! I know its rough being evicted on your birthday but I know you will party tonight at the jury house. There might be some vodka there!"

Arisa: "You saw what the brothers did they try to put themselves on the block, we have never seen anything like that did that shock you?"
Nikki: "Oh Arisa, they had no intention (laughs), come on!"
Arisa: "You didn't believe it, you didn't buy it for one second, ?"
Nikki: "Not for one minute, as if!"

Arisa: "Now I know you said Joel is your winner in there. What do you think his chances are now you are not there?"
Nikki: "I think Joel has kept his loyalties to everyone in that house and he is the most deserving winner as far as I am concerned left in there."

Nikki: "I am astounded by Tim. I am, that's why I couldn't hug anyone. I was so gobsmacked by Tim, I was just like, Oh my god get me out of here. I can't believe it!"

Arisa: "Wow, Well Nikki I just want to say you have been so incredibly entertaining to watch we absolutely loved having you. You had the highs and the lows in the house what is some of the best memories you will take back with you to the UK."
Nikki: "Oh my god, the puppies and the kangaroo."
Arisa: "I love it! Nikki you have been nothing if not a wild card."

Later on the Sideshow during an ad break former winner and BBCAN alumini Peter Brown said on his twitter that the audience sang Happy Birthday to Nikki.

Peter Brown tweet

Arisa Cox tweet

Nikki in the jury house

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