Nikki Grahame

Nikki Grahame, John McCririck and Chloe Jasmine assess the CBB Housemates

January 4, 2017
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The day before CBB launch Nikki met the house mates before they went in for a chat along with Chloe Jasmine and John McCririck. It was an hilarious segment for CBB Bit on the Side. As BB legends they conducted interviews for a 3 way assessment of the housemates.

Some of what Nikki asked of and said about the housemates:-

Austin - Nikki told him "You have the most amazing body, so would you strip down naked or have to wear bathers" - he replied "I have very tiny shorts!"

James Jordan - Nikki asked "What was the biggest thing he learned", he said "Never say you are the Brad Pitt of dance!"

Speidi - Nikki asked "Who annoys them the most, and could anyone else rustle their feathers", both times they point to John, who really annoyed them!

Brandon Block - Nikki said your a self classified ladies man, so will you be making more of an effort with your launch night outfit - he replied "What are you trying to say!?!"

Ray J - Nikki asked "What three words would best describe you" - he replied "Real, Raw" then Nikki cheekily interrupts "WELL HUNG" and John asked "How d you know?" - you'll have to see what she did next yourself !

James Cosmo She asked him what others could do to annoy him and he said being called fat but he does not like others who are selfish and good looking.

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