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Nikki's Celebrity Big Brother Column in Star Magazine.

January 18, 2017
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Don't miss Nikki's exclusive Celebrity Big Brother column in Star Magazine out now. Nikki gives her take on the goings on in the house. Here is some of what she had to say:

Cheer Up, Col - I don't think Coleen is fake as everyone has been saying, but she needs to brighten up a little bit. All she does is moan! She is clearly struggling...

Nicola's free pass- As Nicola said, her husband has cheated on her so she has a free card to do what she wants. I'd absolutely love to see her get it on with Jamie - it would be so entertaining...

I'm a Jedhead! - I love Jedward - they're such rays of sunshine. They're just being themselves and that is exactly what we love...

Walkout woes - I'm upset that Brandon has gone. My eyes welled up when I watched his exit. I just felt so sad when he said he couldn't be himself in there. And I'm very disappointed about Ray J. He's been exposed to the outside world, so it wouldn't be fair to let him back in. But to be quite honest, I don't think anyone in there is going to notice he's gone because all he did was sleep!

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