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Nikki Grahame Enters the Odyssey in Big brother Canada (video)

May 16, 2017
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Nikki surprised the house guests during monday nights show to outfit them all for the Big Brother Canada Awards. A segment that has become a popular annual event on the show. As the door bell rang and Nikki enters the house as only Nikki can, the house guests were all surprised and rushed to greet her.

As they pop champagne corks Nikki confesses "Ika I was terrified of you." Ika: "really!" Nikki: "your tiny" Ika: "yes" Nikki: "so show me, show me around, this is exciting". They all go down stairs to chat, drink some champagne, Nikki requesting vodka.

The house guests left in the house are Ika, Karen, Kevin and Demetres. Watch the video below as Nikki outfits them all, interviews, and poses for pictures with them on the red carpet.

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