Nikki Grahame

Spin 1038 (Irish radio station) Interview

May 7, 2008
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Nikki gave a 10 minute interview on Spin 1038 today to promote her judging the Miss Spin 1038 beauty contest in Dublin on Saturday (the winner goes onto to compete in the Miss Universe Ireland contest).

Nikki's aircon rant was played to introduce Nikki.
Nikki was asked what advice she would give to the contestants in the Miss Spin beauty competition she is judging on Saturday and she said to just be themselves, to be different and stand out in the crowd.

Nikki was asked about her time in BB; she said she really enjoyed it and would do it all again and the new ones would have a great time. Nikki said she only had tantrums as she was cooped up like a chicken and had to sleep with 14 people which she wasn't used to but she still had a great time.

Nikki was asked about her audition process: she queued for 2 hours with a friend but they were supposed to be going to Sheffield..her friend wanted to leave just as Nikki got to the front and Nikki was trying to make up her mind whether to leave when she was called in.Then just as she was getting interviewed her phone rang and she was told not to answer it but she did!!She thought she had lost her chance as she chatted to her friend on the phone for a while but the interviewer stamped her hand and told her she was through to the next round.

Nikki was then asked about her anorexia (Nikki thinks in her case she was born with was in her genes and was just waiting for something to trigger it off).

Nikki said she has only been to Ireland once before.
She entered a beauty contest when she was in the Brownies but didn't win.

She promised to give Spin 1038 a mention in OK next week.

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