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Nikki in the mags this week

May 13, 2008

In Nikki's OK column this week Nikki talks about:

Mariah Carey's whirlwind marriage. Nikki was surprised to hear Mariah Carey had married her boyfriend after only dating him for just a few weeks. Nikki feels sometimes weddings that happen on the spur of the moment are destined to end in disaster and hopes Mariah's wedding proves her wrong but Nikki doesn't have a good feeling about it.

Jen's got a new man. Nikki hopes the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer works out as Jennifer has been so unlucky in love.

Peaches in drugs drama. Nikki was shocked to read that Peaches Geldof (Sir Bob's daughter) was apparently filmed buying drugs. Peaches is a lovely girl who's had a hard life and Nikki doesn't want to see her go down that road.

Davina's leaving Big Brother! The show will never be the same without Davina, who says she wants to leave after this series ends as she wants to go into acting.

Nikki's loving....her new baby girl Chihuahua, called Thumbelina. She's only 8 weeks old and very cute.

In Nikki's Diary this week: Nikki was in Dublin last weekend judging a Spin 103.8 competition for Miss Ireland with Michelle Scott-Lee. It was a very girly weekend and they had loads of fun.

This week Nikki's appearing in the Soccer Six competition. All money raised goes to charity and it was great fun last yeaer - Nikki got the Star Player award and scored a goal!

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