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Nikki in the mags this week

May 27, 2008

In Nikki's OK column this week, Nikki talks about:

Jordan's boob scars. Nikki was shocked to see Jordan's scarred boobs recently in the mags. Nikki doesn't think Jordan needs any more surgery and putting herself through all that surgery must be quite hard. Nikki thinks Jordan is perfect as she is.

Jude and Kim get passionate! Nikki was surprised to see photos of Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart kissing in an Essex club last week - as Jude seems to like pretty blondes, and it was in a club Nikki frequents, she was gutted she wasn't there that night!

I can't wait for Big Brother! Nikki is counting down the days to Big Brother 9. Nikki is hoping there's a fairytale romance that lasts the whole way through - and she hopes there are some fit single boys in there and Nikki will be happy to help them cope with the pressure when they come out!

Billy and Kelly are back together! Nikki is pleased to see that Billy Zane and Kelly Brook are back together and hope their relationship lasts.

Nikki is loving.....her new cream 60's style dress she bought from a jumble sale for only 10 pence!

Nikki's Diary: Nikki went to Dublin last week with BB8 twins Sam and Amanda for a girly weekend as she had such fun there the last time. Nikki also went to the MYA cosmetic surgery exhibition in Harrogate with her mum Sue. She had a facelift with MYA and they want to show her mum as a great example of what they have done.

And this week Nikki is filming Battle of the Sexes with Jeff Brazier for the Trisha Goddard show. They will be giving their views on men, women and giving advice to couples having problems. Nikki really enjoyed filming it the last time.

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