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Nikki Grahame picture - 1_120_nikki_grahame_fragile_bookcover.jpgThe true story of my life long battle with Anorexia.
Release date: 7th May 2012.
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September 1, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame on OK! TV
Nikki and Emma Willis are guests on OK! TV Wednesday 31st August, prior to the eviction to give their viewes on the goings on in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Last night Josie Gibson joined Jeff Brazier as the shows anchors with Jenny Frost on assignment in Dublin who appeared later in the show. The discussion opens with Paddy in the diaryroom missing his woman and Nikki is asked by Josie about what he might be going through. Nikki of cause being an expert on Big Brother diaryroom moments lol.…
September 1, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame in Closer Magazine this week
Nikki is in Closer Magazine this week with Closer's new columnist, life coach Marisa Peer, helping Nikki understand and tackle the causes of her low self-esteem and anorexia. It is an in depth and informative interview in question and answer format. Nikki's session with Marisa really gets to the heart of the issues that affect Nikki today. Read about Nikki's session with the life coach in this week Closer Magazine. At the end of the session this is what Marisa and Nikki had to say:- Marisa: Nikki's…
August 25, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame Celebrity Big Brothers Bit on the side
Nikki last night appeared on Celebrity Big Brothers Bit On The Side again as the shows In House Psychologist. Nikki dressing and describing herself as being very Parisienne, every bit the Psychologist complete with stethoscope lol. Nikki giving her comical professional psychologist opinions along with her own thoughts on the goings on in the house. It was a very entertaining segment and watch it here in the video below. Nikki also joined other Big Brother Housemates in a photoshoot for LoveIt Magazine…
August 21, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame on Big Brother Bit On The Side
Nikki appeared on Big Brother's Bit on the Side last friday night in a sketch and interview as Big Brother's resident psychologist. Emma Willis introducing Nikki said that psychologists are expensive so they called upon Nikki as the "psychologist of sorts" to give her professional opinion on this years show and housemates. In the sketch Nikki visits Dr Funke Balfour to learn how to be a psychologist. Nikki was helped by Dr Balfour for the show giving Nikki tips on what to say. Nikki did a marvellous…
August 19, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame will be apearing tonight on Big Brothers Bit on the Side
Nikki will be appearing on Big Brothers Bit on the Side with Dr Funke Baffour tonight 10:30pm on Channel 5. Nikki has already done some filming with the Good Dr and will be on tonights show help Nikki Grahame learn skills of a psych. Celebrity Big Brother on five has proved to be a huge hit with the fans after last nights launch with an average of 5.2 million peaking at 6 million viewers in the ratings. With Brian Dowelling doing an excellent job replacing Davina McCall as the main shows anchor…
August 9, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame on BBC Radio Devon
Nikki was on BBC Radio Devon on sunday night, she was a guest on the Graham Torrington Night Time Show. The topic of the show was "If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?". For Nikki it was she would like to be taller as her growth stopped around age 11 because of her battle with anoreia. Nikki talked about her experience from when she was 7 and when she was in hospital in some detail. Nikki was also asked about Body Gossip which is an organisation that campaigns for natural…
August 2, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame is on This Morning talking about children with anorexia
Tune into ITV1 today for This Morning from 10:30am - 12:30pm. Nikki will be on the show discussing a recent report that children as young as 5 are being treated in British hospitals for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Statistics, released by NHS trusts around Britain under the freedom of information act, underline the worry that youngsters are increasingly obsessed with being thin. Nikki has done a lot to make people aware of this awful illness and prevent others from going down the…
August 2, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame features in The Sun on children with anorexia
"I'd like kids with anorexia to see me as a warning... I lost my childhood to this evil illness." Nikki is featured in The Sun today talking about a report revealing children as young as five are being treated for anorexia or bulimia in the UK. Nikki tells her story so to help others and save them from going down the same destructive path she did through her childhood. The Sun: "THIS rise in numbers of children with eating disorders is tragic. What is going on in our society?" Nikki: "I think there…
August 1, 2011
Image for - Beach Party - Nikki Grahame DJ Set
Nikki will be performing a guest DJ set at Totally Wired 3rd Annual Beach Party in Margate on friday 5th August 2011. Totally Wired is a night club open fridays 9pm-2am behind the Thorley Taverns Punch and Judy, 50 Marine Terrace, Margate, Kent. Nikki has performed DJ sets at various pubs and bars, such as Proud Gallery, The Trinity, and the Lexington! The music Nikki likes to play is Indie Rock such as - The Libertines, The Strokes, Mystery Jets, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Florence and The Machine,…
July 30, 2011
Image for - Nikki's website blog
Hey Guys, I hope you are all well? and enjoying this so called summer?! I've been super busy recently, last week I filmed the advert for the new big brother which is starting on August 17th. I am so very very excited about this, and was even more delighted when Brian was announced as the new host!! I think he is going to be fantastic!! I also recently filmed a reality show in europe which I am not yet allowed to talk about, but it will be shown later this year. as soon as I am allowed to mention…
July 26, 2011
Image for - Nikki presenting the music request show on Foxy Radio
Tonight Nikki will be presenting Foxy Radio. If you want Nikki to play a song or read out your dedications to Amy Winehouse send an email to and tune into Foxy Radio at 8pm tonight. Nikki Presented the music request show on Foxy Radio, she talked about who she would like to see in the Celebrity Big Brother and played tunes for callers and read tributes to Amy Winehouse. The show is below if you missed it. Your browser does not support the audio element.
June 1, 2011
Image for - My Personal Best Event Organised by BEAT and Body Gossip
A Body Gossip monologue in association with a My Personal Best event was held on Saturday 28th May in Chelsea London. Body Gossip cast members Nikki Grahame, Zaraah Abrahams, Mikyla Dodd and Fredi Kruga performed 8 Body Gossip stories for the members of My Personal Best, a BEAT initiative that celebrates the amazing achievements of young people in the UK. Some of the monologues read out were written by BEAT's young ambassadors. Before the monologues were performed, Body Gossip showed the – "This…
June 1, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame in the Celebrity Soccer Six at Charlton Athletic FC
On bank holiday monday Nikki participates in the Soccer Six football tournament at Charlton Athletic FC on May 30, 2011 in London, England. Nikki has been a regular player for the celebrity teams and despite her diminutive stature is a pretty good player. Nikki will next play in Soccer Six tournament at Burnley FC, Sunday 5th June. So if you are able to attend and would like to meet Nikki why not go to the game. Nikki was interviewed at the Soccer Six by ITN News in which she talks about the return…
June 1, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame in Mizz Magazine with Gok Wan
Nikki and the Body Gossip cast were featured in Mizz magazine last week with style guru Gok Wan. The feature is titled "Getting Body Confident With Gok!". And Mizz talks to Gok about his new project and with Body Gossip. Body Gossip invites everyone in the UK to write a story about their body - a selection of which will then be performed by a cast of celebrities in live events and in short films on Youtube. Body Gossip is compiling a selection of stories for their forthcoming book and would love…
May 28, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame interviews Carl Barat
Nikki has been a great fan of the Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things for many years and has been to several of Carl's solo gigs. She was, therefore, delighted to interview him for Hit The Floor Magazine, together with Julie Elford. "Carl Barat, former front-man of one of the most iconic bands of the last decade The Libertines, Arcadian dreamer, ex-Dirty Pretty Thing and now solo artist speaks to Hit the Floor magazine about closure of The Libertines, a possible Dirty Pretty Things reunion and his…
May 25, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame presenting the Music Request Show on Foxy Radio
Nikki will again be presenting the Music Request Show on Foxy Radio this friday at 8pm. You can listen live from the Foxy Bingo website, click on the "listen to Foxy Radio" icon in the left column. So get your song requests ready and get in touch with Nikki by email at, or call her on 0800 0223 106 during the show. Nikki will also be participating in Soccer 6 again this year. At Charlton Athletic FC on Monday May 30th, Burnley FC, Sunday 5th June. Nikki presented the Music Request…
May 24, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame on the Gadget Show
Catch Nikki on the Gadget Show next monday night 8-9pm, May 30th on Channel 5. Suzi Perry and Pollyanna Woodward put camping technology to the test and invite Nikki to decide whose den is the most enticing. Nikki is testing camping gadgets and also water sports. "I am not doing it!" - need I say more, its bound to be a blast. Also Nikki will be participating in Soccer 6 again this year. At Charlton Athletic FC on Monday May 30th, Burnley FC, Sunday 5th June. Nikki on the Gadget Show update - 31/5/2011…
May 19, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame reviews The Wombats new album
Nikki has written a review for Hit The Floor Magazine of The Wombats latest release: This Modern Glitch. Despite liking 3 of the tracks including "Jump into the fog" Nikki is less than enthusiastic about the album as a whole, saying "If I knew nothing about this Liverpudlian trio I would assume they were teenage boys due to the use of the amateur lyrics at times and simple melodies, when in actual fact they should be riding high off the back of their successful first album." Ouch!! Read the whole…
April 17, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame filming for Body Gossip and the new Gok Wan documentary
Nikki and the cast of Body Gossip will be filming 4 new films so look out for those on the Body Gossip youtube site shortly On Wednesday Nikki and the cast will be meeting Gok Wan as part of the filming for his new Channel 4 documentary series produced by Maverick TV. Here's what Maverick TV has to say about the series which has the working title "The Naked Truth". "Maverick's new ob-doc series will see fashion guru Gok Wan tackling teenage issues, from appearance to bullying and sexuality. Building…
April 14, 2011
Image for - Nikki Grahame's review of The Vaccines for Hit The Floor Magazine
On 7th April Nikki was at the Electric Ballroom Camden for Hit The Floor Magazine reviewing new Indie group The Vaccines. This is the 2nd blog Nikki has done for this popular online magazine. "What did you expect from The Vaccines?" were the words on everyone's lips after the release of their debut album on the 14th March this year. The band who consist of Justin Young (vocals), Freddie Cowan (lead guitar), Arni Hjorvar (bass) and Pete Robertson (drums) formed less than a year ago in June 2010 and…