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Since appearing on Big Brother Nikki has been interviewed many times for radio and television as well as making several guest appearances on TV shows and, as one of the most well known faces of Big Brother, has featured in their spin-off shows, BBLB and BBBM.

This page features some of those interviews. Among them are her appearances on Jeremy Kyle and Richard and Judy where she talks seriously and emotionally about her experiences of living with anorexia and the publication of her autobiography, whilst others show Nikki at her funniest and most entertaining.

Video Gallery

Nikki Grahame on Trisha Goddard Show - Battle of the Sexes

Nikki, along with Jeff Brazier, hosts a Battle of the Sexes special in this popular daily discussion show.
Nikki and Jeff give their views on men and women and they also give advice to couples having relationship problems.

Are Modern Men Macho and who wears the trousers?. Men of Britain you only live once. Don't take women too seriously. In this special Nikki sorts out Britains Laziest Man.

Nikki Grahame on The Weakest Link

On March 24, 2007, Nikki Grahame appeared on a special "Goodies and Baddies" edition of the game show The Weakest Link . During round three, she was the strongest link of the team (answered the most questions correctly and earned the most money). This is a playlist up until Nikki was eliminated in Round 5.